Virtual Office Basics

Many of our customers benefit from our top business addresses in New York and Chicago without committing to a physical office. Instead, they have a virtual office and it gives their business the image, prestige and credibility they need to compete with businesses of all sizes. But how does it work?

Most virtual office customers work remotely yet have access to meeting rooms and private offices, on-demand.

Having a virtual office allows you to:

Make the right impression: To present the best image to your customers, you don’t want to use your home address. Using a high-profile business address gives your company a more polished look. You can work from home and still have access to the space for client meetings.

Customize your workspace needs: It’s easy to add services as your business needs evolve. Some companies use it just to have a business address, a local telephone number and a receptionist to answer calls in the company’s name. Others add on to those services to include access to co-working spaces and conference rooms.

Test new markets: You can establish a virtual office anywhere in the world so that your business can have an immediate local presence. You can use this address on your website and business cards. It’s a cost-effective way to introduce your services or products to new customers.

Consider how using a virtual office could give a boost to your business.