The Pitfalls of Working from Home

For many office workers, today’s technology makes it possible to do their job from wherever they want – including home. There are the envious and obvious perks – no commute, no dress code and no office distractions. On the flip side, the pitfalls of work from home can sometimes outweigh the benefits. First and foremost, you need to be wired with the mental hardware and discipline to stay focused on work.

For entrepreneurs, small businesses and mobile workers who don’t need office space all the time, a shared work environment offers terms that make it an affordable alternative to working from the local coffee shop. One blogger working out of a co-working space conducted an unscientific poll of home-based professionals to find out why they ditched their home office and ventured into a shared space facility. Here’s what she found:

Isolation is maddening: The absence of office friends, socializing and collaborating was awful. The office provides a platform for connecting. Working from home some of the time is great as long as you have a place you can visit for the human connections you crave.

Home distractions impact productivity: Even when you are working from home you can be unproductive. Think about all the times you’ve done laundry, watched TV or were interrupted by family members or friends.

Lack of structure during the day: What are you doing with all the time you saved by eliminating your commute? Are you getting your work done sooner? Are you taking on new challenges? Some who work from home toss out their office routines and fall into the trap of malaise. Make sure you create and stick to a routine no matter where you are working.

Where do you work best? Let us know.