The 21st Century Office vs. The Office of the Past

Enter the 21st century and Collaborative Spaces. Today there are collaborative workspaces that allow you to save money compared with renting traditional space. However, saving you money is not the only benefit to using collaborative space. There are four additional benefits to using shared workspaces:

1. First impressions speak volumes
Flexible workspaces with a modern ambiance, like what is offered with OfficeLinks, are an extension of your company brand and of you. When you are meeting with your clients this is sure to leave a positive impression on your clients.

2. Multiple locations means you’ll always have an office close to you and your clients
If Sebastian had used a flexible office provider, he could have scheduled meetings at three different office locations in advance. Not only would he have looked uber professional, but each of his clients would have felt comfortable conducting business in their preferred neighborhood, resulting in three very pleasant meetings. If he wanted to cut down on commuting time, he could have picked an office central to all three neighborhoods.

3. Spend less money on rent and more on growth
You can invest the money you save with a collaborative office space into growing your company. Do you need additional workers to help with your business, thinking of offering additional services? Paying for cost-effective office space allows you to simultaneously expand your business while conducting business day-to-day.

4. Build a network of like-minded professionals on a budget
Shared workspace providers often encourage their clients to network with each other in order to build a strong community of savvy, edgy professionals. In this way, the company can help their clients to thrive among each other for short and long-term benefits.