Meeting Rooms

Love them or hate them, meetings are an essential part of running any business. Luckily, technology gives us the freedom to choose how and when companies organize meetings. Conference calls work for most meetings. Videoconferencing allows for a virtual face-to-face gathering and online meetings allow for distributed workers to collaborate easily. Having the right venue for your meetings is equally important. Shared space providers are a great alternative for companies who want to host a meeting in a professional setting. Companies who want to make a good impression to new clients or need a discreet and confidential location turn to shared space providers who have meeting rooms available, on-demand. Once you’ve booked the space, here are a few tips for ensuring a productive meeting: Create and stick to your agenda: You can’t have an outcome unless you know what you are going to cover during the meeting. Take the meeting seriously: If necessary, build in a few minutes for casual conversations at the end of the meeting. If you are asking employees to attend a meeting, make sure you accomplish something more than sharing office gossip. Get workers involved: Don’t let someone sit idle during a meeting. Keep your team involved and engaged. Assign research, problems to solve in advance so that there can be a substantive conversation. Meetings can be a source of innovation. Make sure not to squander all the brain power that’s in the room.