Facebook (Palo Alto, California, USA)

As we are all dwelling in the Social Network, Facebook employees are enjoying their new creative space ‘ Facebook California Offices ‘ by Studio O+A. This new 150,000-square-foot Facebook headquarters is located at Palo Alto’s Stanford Research Park, California. It brings together more than 700 employees from 10 scattered locations around downtown Palo Alto. The playful interior work atmosphere accommodates multi facilities that serve the users while inspiring them to create and build new horizons. Reflecting the concept of the social network, the interior design merges spaces together and encourages positive interaction and connection.

The ten building, 1-million square foot campus currently has around 2,000 local employees. That’s not enough though. Company is also building a second campus across the street and joining the two with an underground tunnel. Ultimately, the company wants to be able to house 9,400 employees. That means, Facebook hopes up to 6,600 workers will occupy the nine-building East Campus (57 acres) and as many as 2,800 workers will be in the five-building West Campus (22 acres). A tunnel under Highway 84 will connect the two campuses.