3 Things to Know about Virtual Office

Virtual offices are a great resource but do require additional explaining for individuals and businesses not familiar with the service. It’s a cost-effective option for a business that is not ready for a full-time office. Simply put, a virtual office customer has all the physical assets of an office available to them for a fraction of the price. Here’s how:

It’s more than an address

For individuals who spend more time working from home or on on-site at a client’s location, a full-time office isn’t the best solution. A virtual office allows you to take your home address (or P.O. Box) off your business card and use a top-tier, professional address for your company. This gives a business of any size instant credibility with customers and future employees. Phone answering, a dedicated business telephone number and mail handling are services a shared space provider can offer as part of the VO package.


You can be working anywhere in the world, but your business will still have a home base. A virtual office requires minimal capital and no long-term commitment. It’s also a risk-free way of testing a new market.

Offices and meeting rooms available

Virtual office customers also have access to offices and meeting rooms, on-demand. For times when client meetings or presentations are required, virtual office customers can book an office or meeting room through their shared space provider. This pay-as-you-go feature allows businesses to easily control costs.